Finding Sustainability alternatives in LED Dock Lighting
                        that blends with our environment

Our LED Dock Piling Caps provides customers with an energy efficient way to light up their dock and bring a unique look to their property. Our product is a one-of-a-kind sustainable energy source that will sure light up your year and last for more to com.

LEDs are an efficient light source that has been taken notice globally. Though the use of LEDs are not new, the amount of new products utilizing this energy efficient source has grown immensely. Their use as indicator lamps in several devices have been increasingly used for most general lighting. Here at Benfive Lighting we strive to provide our customers with the best lighting efficiency possible, so that they get the most out of our product visually, and financially.  


Our LED Illuminating Dock Piling Caps provide sustainability and alternatives to lighting to fall in line with the “Green Market” that blends in with your environment.

The LED Dock Piling Cap is a simple, energy efficient product that easy to install. By using LED Lights (Green Product), we have created a product that will last for years and provide soft amble lighting for your dock. With many color choices using only 12vdc of power to operate, these Dock Piling Light Caps will fit over your piling and protect the piling from rot and is also a bird deterrent.

We at Benfive Lighting would be more than happy to talk with you and discuss this unique dock lighting product for your Docks and Landscaped pathways for that nautical look. 

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    Down Light: *Sold only with our BFL-2Watt natural white caps. Note: Benfive Down Lights (BFL-DL-.5Watt) are not sold separately from the Pilling caps , they are factory installed and can be added to all BFL 2-watt natural white caps.
     Imagine to be able to choose any color to light your path way at a press of a button 

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