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    Illuminating LED Dock Lights

    About our products

    Our Dock light

      Benfive Lighting LED dock piling caps are outdoor decorative lighting fixtures crafted with sustainability that will provide your dock pilings with soft lighting long into the future. Our collection of innovative dock lights are available in warm, white and RGB color changing. Being one of the few exterior outdoor lighting companies that provides protection for your pilings, bird deterrent and soft lighting for your dock.

    Choose a color

      No matter which color you choose, these lights are waterproof and  utilize powerful LED technology that can illuminate your dock for 50,000 hours  while using only 2.5 watts each. You can even control their brightness and color with our RGB units with a hand held remote control. Our dock lights are designed to be tough enough to handle marine conditions without rusting, corroding or needing maintenance. 

    Relax Dude

     Benfive Lighting offers an exciting breakthrough in exterior illumination. We will give your deck or dock adequate soft lighting that will not only enhance the look of your property, but will also provide you with additional security. Any way you look at it, Our LED dock piling caps are a beautiful solution for your dock lighting. Our lights can run off solar panels!!           

    RGB color changing

    Check out our RGB color changing dock light video

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                                          Specifications and dimensions 

     Please note we offer sizes larger then our 12 inch LED dock piling light.

              Please give us a call and we will help you with your order.

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